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1 Second Animation Loop
Pony Flying Cycle by Thatmexicanuzer
1 Second animation of your character or an existing one (Unless they belond to someone else on this website)

I will need a reference sheet of said character, preferably with different angles, depending on what the animation would be

Want to add an extra character, it would be 1000 points more
Group Drawings
TDROTI Full by Thatmexicanuzer
T-shirt design by Thatmexicanuzer
Christmas Card by Thatmexicanuzer
TDIR NEW POSTER by Thatmexicanuzer
Extra character: 10 points (PAy me personally for that)
Over 4 Panel comic
Blanket Scenario pg 2 by Thatmexicanuzer
Blanket Scenario pg 3 by Thatmexicanuzer
Animation House Ep 1 by Thatmexicanuzer
Panel Limit: 8
Character Limit: 4
Want more panels or more characters?
4 Panel Comic
Chrisrox110-3 by Thatmexicanuzer
4 Panels, if wanted, shadows and lighting added
Prince-Noah Comission by Thatmexicanuzer
Teens Background by Thatmexicanuzer
THE AMAZON TDWT by Thatmexicanuzer
Four Styles of Clothing
All of them optional
2 Panel Comic
Zoey Wedgie (Request) by Thatmexicanuzer
2 panels, lightning and shadows added if wanted
Shades and Light
EllisSummer's REquest by Thatmexicanuzer
MAbel Chewing Pinkie's Tail by Thatmexicanuzer
Colored with shades, and light effects
Lindsay Meets Santa by Thatmexicanuzer
Colored version, without shading or lightning
Duncan BMX by Thatmexicanuzer
LINEART and nothing else
EDIT: So apparently, "Total Drama Presents  The Ridonculous Race" is not the 6th season, is a spin off, just thought I would give you that info.

So another season, or shall I say the second part of the 5th season (Seriously, how does it work when you don't even have cameos?) has pass by and I think it's time for a little retrospect on the season. So, new cast, new island, everything is new asside from the host, and how did it all turn out?


Honestly, this puts All Stars to shame. I still stand by all the positive things I said about All stars, but MY GOD, this second part puts all the good things I had to say about All Stars are almost irrelevant compared to this part.

Let's start with the one thing that we all love, THE CHARACTERS. While these characters are further away from Teen stereotypes and even the great artist kikaikagu mentioned on her drawing of the new cast that she liked the original characters because she could compare them to people she knew in real life, and I agree with that, but I still ADORE these characters, hell, some of them are even ranked as high as the original characters, in my humble opinion.
I think the first thing I shall say about the characters is that I didn't felt that none of these characters were under or overused. I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I will stand by it until the series ends and then some. Probably Sugar could've lasted a little less, Beardo being eliminated second and Leonard first, but aside from those minor quibles, I stand by it, best use of characters so far, in fact, no season has compared to it. I wish Revenge would've had this, I still think that Brick, Dawn, B and Sam could've been used more.
So yeah, when it came to character screen time, it was very solid, what about character interactions? AWESOME! I get a feeling that this season focused much more on the friendships than in the conflicts, what with Dave and Shawn, Jasmine and Samey, Jasmine and Shawn and Sky and Dave. Sure we have some pretty mean conflicts like The Twins, Sugar and Ella and what not, but I felt like the cast felt a lot more positive than negative half the time, most of the rivalries felt like a product of the game rather than personal issues (With the obvious exception of the Twins and SugarxElla) so I really enjoyed that.

STORYLINE! Yeah, Total drama is more known for character interactions than plot twists and unexpected moves, but this time around they brought some of that, and they did it incredibly well. The Island being artificial, Scarlett's sneaky well executed character twist, they were incredibly well done and subtle as well. So I applaud the writers for doing it so well.

Ok, so I've praised the half season so far, is there anything I didn't like about it? Well.... The whole Sky and Dave conclusion. You are supposed to want these two to get together in the end, but when the truth comes out, you start to loathe both of them. You hate Sky for not telling the truth when she can, and for treating her current boyfriend like that, and you loathe Dave for being so stubborn and immature and not letting Sky tell him the truth. So when it comes to those two's arc... I think we need a second part.
Another thing I'm sick off is that there always has to be a "weak team" Why can't we have a season where both teams win the same amount of challenges or at least don't have such a giant disadvantage, when the same team wins over and over, it gets kind of boring.

So, that about sums it up, I LOVED this season, we are yet to see if it will hold up over time, but for the time being, it is my favorite season so far.

A quick wish list for The 6th season, since it's already in production, more than a wishlist, the set of characters that I want to see. My choices are based on the fact that I do believe these characters have unused potential, I love them or at this point, have become pilars on the series

Lindsay (Obviously) (I love her)
Dave (More potential)
Sky (More potential)
Ella (I love her)
Samey (Love her and Potential)
Jasmine (Just to interact more with Samey)
Dawn (More potential)
Brick (More potential)
DJ (More potential)
Noah (More potential)
Harold (I love him)
Izzy (I Love her)
Tyler (More potential)
Heather (Pilar)
Duncan (Pilar)

I also wish that the next season would feature a bigger cast, and go back to the 24 episode format, as a lot more can be done and you can feature characters in more episodes, and I hope that the new characters they are bringing to the season don't overshadow veteran players like so obviously happened in All Stars and World Tour. That's about it, let's see what the writers can do about the new season, after this, I've regained faith on them again.


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